Road to Jericho: Inside Bury Union Workhouse

Bury's first workhouse, also known as the Redvales workhouse, was erected in 1775 to the south of the town on the Manchester Road. A new workhouse was opened at Jericho in 1857. It was renamed Jericho Institution in 1929. In 1948 it became Fairfield Hospital. Please note the records for this institution are held at Bury Archives. However transcripts for the admission registers are available on findmypast.  Records containing medical information of patients are closed for 100 years. This pack uses the fascinating archives of the Bury Union Workhouse (also known as Jericho Workhouse) to explore issues of social care, challenge perceptions of the Victorian workhouse and find out about people affected by the workhouse system. While the archives relate to the Bury area, the resource has much wider relevance. The pack is cross curricular covering history, citizenship and ICT and is designed to encourage students to understand their own local communities with the context of the past. A standard version is available as a PDF here.