We have a shop on the ground floor of Central Library, and lots of products are available from Here you can find a selection of t-shirts, greetings cards, notebooks and even a jigsaw. We have a range of limited-edition Christmas cards available in Central Library. They are based on our collections - a pantomime programme, a children's nativity play, a Belle Vue Christmas circus programme, and our favourite - the 1986 Town Hall santa! There's one with a First World War story too. It's W. Draycott's Christmas card from the front in France, 1918.  
Christmas cards
Manchester Central Library poster shop features a selection of posters from Central Library’s historic collections. The giclee prints on premium silk 240gsm paper make ideal presents.
Poster advertising Bands In The Park The beauty of this series of 1930s travel posters is extraordinary. But they are, above all, archives. They have smudges, bashes and tears. We have got rid of the creases and punch holes they suffered when they were stored in a lever arch file in the Corporation Transport Department offices, but otherwise they are as found. They are living documents. And, like all other archives, they come with a back story. Manchester Municipal School of Art organised a competition to produce pictorial posters for the Manchester Corporation Transport Department trams and buses between 1933 and 1934. Eighteen designs were used. They are all available on the poster shop.