The “Tripe Colony” was the name given to the streets of terraced houses bordered by Clifton Street, Lord North Street and Hulme Hall Lane in Miles Platting.

Tripe is offal, made from the stomachs of animals. It was a staple food in Britain until the late twentieth century. The houses known as the Tripe Colony were built from 1906 by the Pendlebury family who owned the local tripe factory and shops. Many of the residents worked in the works. United Cattle Products sold some of the housing to tenants in the 1950s and Manchester City Council purchased the rest in the 1970s. The houses were demolished in 1994. In this film made in 1994 a former resident, Kevin Gallagher, talks about his memories and the community. Part of his narrative is filmed over scenes of deserted streets. Visit Archives+ to find out more about the Tripe Colony.
Tripe Colony House
Pupils of Holland Street School, Miles Platting
The Tripe Colony (1994)