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    Radical Thinking

    Throughout Manchester’s history, its people have taken a stand against injustice and prejudice.

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    Some people are born here, some people come here to live. Every one of them shapes our city.

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    Find out how your neighbourhood has changed through maps, local photographs and original archives.

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What is Archives+?

Archives+ is an exciting City Centre showcase and repository for archives and family history.  Situated in the magnificent Manchester Central Library, this purpose-built centre brings together a partnership of amazing regional and national

collections of documents, photographs and films, and helps to satisfy a growing demand for accessible community history and personal heritage.  It is easier than ever before for you to find what you’re looking for under one roof!

What's On

  • Sisters with mourning hearts 

    Join Dr Alison Ronan for an illustrated talk on the letter, its historical context and the stories of women who signed it. The event will feature a short film by Sue Reddish.

  • MLFHS Quarterly Meeting 

    Talks on old pubs and old photographs

  • Film Show: I Like Dreaming 

    A selection of short archive films exploring the crossover between art, bohemia and LGBT sexuality from the British Film Institute and the North West Film Archive


What's New

  • Homosexual Problems by Bryony Bates

    Bryony Bates is the winner of the Young Enigma Allan Horsfall Prize for LGBT+ Young Writers in Greater Manchester. This is a piece she has written for us, inspired by the Allan Horsfall papers.

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  • LGBT History Month Archive Open Days

    LGBT History Month, in conjunction with Archives+, is proud to offer a unique opportunity to develop and improve your archive skills.

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  • UK Disability History Month 2014

    For UK Disability History Month, Manchester City Council’s Disabled Staff Group have developed a programme of events in partnership with Archives+, People’s History Museum and University of Manchester.

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Alexandra Park Pageant, 27 June 1970

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