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    Radical Thinking

    Throughout Manchester’s history, its people have taken a stand against injustice and prejudice.

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    Some people are born here, some people come here to live. Every one of them shapes our city.

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    Find out how your neighbourhood has changed through maps, local photographs and original archives.

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What is Archives+?

Archives+ is an exciting City Centre showcase and repository for archives and family history.  Situated in the magnificent Manchester Central Library, this purpose-built centre brings together a partnership of amazing regional and national

collections of documents, photographs and films, and helps to satisfy a growing demand for accessible community history and personal heritage.  It is easier than ever before for you to find what you’re looking for under one roof!

What's On

  • Umbrella Doodles 

    Take a stroll from the University to Manchester Central Library with an artist as your guide. Create custom umbrellas by using glass pens to outline some of the architecture you will see on your way.

  • Saturday Spectacular-Shakespeare week 

    Come and try your hand at lots of fun craft activities including making a Tudor neck ruff, recreate our stained glass window and write a sonnet with a quill.

  • Spotlight on: Shakespeare 

    Celebrate The Bard's birthday at Central Library, come along and see some of our finest Shakespearean volumes


What's New

Alexandra Park Pageant, 27 June 1970

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